Continental hotel boxspring bed.

Possibilities of customizing the type of leg and fabric.

Suppliers/designers for hotel facilities and industry are welcome to cooperation. We realize indywidual hotel projects tailored to customer needs.

Technical Specifications:


  • 8cm solid spruce wooden frame,
  • Bonell spring core with wire made of high carbon 2.2 mm DN, polyurethane foam case with a density of 25kg / m3.
  • Cover: chenille fabric anti-slip mirror
  • Leg: L shape 5cm, wooden, square


  • 7 zone pocket spring core, polyurethane foam case with a density of 25kg / m3,
  • cover: jersey mattress fabric , quilted with  climate polyester wadding 150g / m2,
  • properties of the  cover: hypoallergenic, zipper for easy to take off, washable in tem. 40 degrees
  • height: 16 cm,
  • hardness: H2 / H3, medium-hard,

Mattress Topper:

  • 3cm polyurethane foam core with density of 25kg / m3.
  • cover: jersey fabric  quilted with poliester wadding  150gr/m2, C zipper

The height of the bed: approx. 46-48cm (5 cm leg 21 cm + base + + 3-4cm 17-18cm mattress topper)

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