LUX 15cm White bonell

The basic model of hotel bedroom range. Advanatge is a  high strength and reliability.

Possibilities of customizing the type of leg and fabric.

Suppliers/designers for hotel facilities and industry are welcome to cooperation. We realize indywidual hotel projects tailored to customer needs.

Technical Specifications:


15cm frame made of MDF, HDF and solid pine wood ,

Cover :  jersey fibric quilted with poliester wadding 150g,

Leg chrome 15cm (or other form the range)


Bonell spring core with wire made of high carbon 2.2 mm DN, polyurethane foam case with density of 25kg / m3.

Cover: Jersey mattress fabric, quilted  with climate poliester wadding 150g / m2,

Properties of the cover cover: hypoallergenic, zipper for easy take off,washable in tem. 40 degrees

Height: 15-16 cm,

hardness H2 / H3, medium-hard,

The height of the bed: approx. 45-46cm (15 cm leg 15 cm + base + mattress 15-16cm)

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