London Bed is a typical bedroom bed with panel headboard .

Technical Specifications:

Base 36 cm:

  • Two solid base with  21 cm height, made of MDF, HDF and solid wood,
  • Cover: chenille fabric with anti slip mirror,
  • Chrome legs with 15cm height,

Mattress 20 cm:

  • Core: Pocket spring core with 12 cm height, made of 1.6-1.8 mm DN high carbon wire,  polyurethane foam case density of 25kg / m3.
  • Top plates of 4 cm made of polyurethane foam having a density of 25kg / m3.
  • Cover: Chenille fabric with jersey anty slip mirror, C zipper
  • Mattress height: 20 cm

Mattress topper 8 cm:

  • Core: visco foam 40kg / m3,
  • Cover: jesrey fabric quilted with poliester wadding 150g / m2,

Headboard 120 cm:

  • Thickness 10 cm
  • Headboard is oversize of 10cm each side about,

The total bed height is 62 cm.

Ask for details.

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